Raymond Terrace Veterinary Clinic

Raymond Terrace Veterinary Clinic

63 Port Stephens Street, Raymond Terrace, NSW 2324 

            Phone:  02 4987 1111

After-Hours contact phone number is: 02 4987111

Which will be diverted to an answering service. 

The operator at the answering service will take your

phone number and the duty vet will call you back.


Our after-hours service for emergencies is available to OUR valued clients.

This service will be within the professional limits of what can be provided by the

rostered after-hours staff at the time of the emergency.  

While on most occasions we will be able to provide prompt service, 

there will be times when service may be delayed for a couple of hours due to

prior commitments, some of which may be of a personal nature.

Occasionally we may be obliged to refer the emergency else-where, typically

to Newcastle Animal Emergency Centre: 49577106


"Non-Raymond Terrace Veterinary Clinic registered Clients"

will  be seen on an "As Available" basis.


Please Note this Emergency Service is for Emergencies only .

For all general information and to book normal consultations

please phone during normal business hours.

9am to 5.30pm Weekdays

9am to 11am Saturdays

Closed Sunday