Jeff BVSc

Veterinarian & Practice Owner (Bachelor of Veterinary Science)

Jeff established the practice in November 1976

Our Veterinarian of 47 years and co-owner of Raymond Terrace Vet Clinic, Dr Jeff has many years of experience behind him. 



Bethanie BVSc

Veterinarian & Practice Owner (Bachelor of Veterinary Science)

Beth is a born and raised QLD girl who graduated from the University of QLD in 2012, and made the trip to Raymond Terrace to start as a veterinary surgeon.  A year into her Veterinary career, Beth became co-owner of Raymond Terrace Vet Clinic.

Alongside her ANKC registred breeding Australian Shepherds - Snow, Kylo and Ludo (who are a big part of her life), Beth enjoys the competition of weekend dog speciality shows, showing off her price winning breeders Kylo, Ludo, and Posey

Well known and popular for her breeding, reproduction, and internal medicine interests.

Dr Fiona BVSc

Veterinarian (Bachelor of Veterinary Science.)

Fiona joined the team in 1991 after graduating from Sydney University Veterinary School in 1990. For years the clinic was mixed practice of larger and smaller animals. Fiona has a broad spectrum for all large and small animals

Fiona lives locally in her family homestead built with love. 
She has a heart full of gold. 

Fiona specialises in the treatment of all wildlife, but no animal is big or too small. 
Her passion for helping shows in her everyday life with an open heart towards clients. 

Scott BVSc

Veterinarian (Masters Degree)

Scott joined the team in 2022 as a full-time veterinarian. 

Some currently qualifications involve Scott participating in ultrasound and ligament surgical studies 

Elle BVSc

Veterinarian (Masters Degree)

Specialises in Pathology


Senior Vet Nurse (Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing)

Britta joined the team in 2013 and has climbed the ladder with her achievements over the years. 

Britta can be found at the front desk as our senior nurse, in control of meetings and reps and customer inquiries. 

Successful homeowner with interests in future travelling. 

I have a special interest in Felines. Loving their sassy attitudes and personality. At home, she has 2 cats, Basil and Cecil.


Registered Veterinary Nurse (Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing)

Jessie joined the team in 2018. Fleur and posey plus cats

Dog showing

Has open arms for young handraising of kittens


Registered Veterinary Nurse (Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing)

Renee joined the team in 2016

She has an impressive array of pets at home and enjoys breeding and showing exotic poultry. She is a horse lover/rider and also runs a very successful leather work business at home making saddlery and bridles for show horses.

When she's not working she is chilling at home with her dachshund, Jerry... her smithfield cattle dog Cooper, and cats Feline friends.



Registered Veterinary Nurse

Stevie joined the team in 2020. 

Our down to earth, Vegan loving girl enjoys nothing more then her dog Tinder. 

Her life is filled with travel and adventure

A long life dream of helping sick and injured animals back to health


Veterinary Nurse

Casey joined the team in 2020. Currently completing her cert 4 in veterinary nursing via TAFE. 
Casey and her two dogs, Bowie + Annie, lives locally. hang out with her dogs. 

Keen interest in surgical nursing and pathology. 

Casey loves an adventure + challenging herself to the limits. 



Veterinary Nurse

Kirsten joined the team in 2021 and is currently completing Cert 4 in TAFE.

She's a country-living mum of three kids, too many dogs, a backyard full of chickens and a rabbit in the mix. 
With her home full of plants and dog hair, Kirsten is obsessed with her Golden Retriever 'Lemon' FEATURED in many RTVC advertisement posts which she manages both our online Facebook and Web page. 

By the weekends, Kirsten fills her days in the greenhouse gardening with the kids and ends with a cuppa tea on the balcony watching the sunset. 





Veterinary Nurse

Emma joined the team in 2023 after completing her Cert 4 at TAFE.

Emma enjoys spending time with her deaf Border Collie 'Shelby' and family cat Minky. 

Even though her passion was to become a Vet Nurse as a child, as she grew, Emma also took an interest in cars.


Veterinary Nurse

Cassie joined the team in 2016 - 2019. She took a 5 year break to become a mum of two and recently returned to the animal industry part-time. 

Cassie built her farm life on the water bank, building her dream house with her family. Her days are filled with the fun chaos of kids, her three french bulldogs, and horse chores. 

Her downtime is enjoying a cold beverage by the water fishing. 


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